GUI+ - The land of plenty of functionality*)

GUI+ simplifies the SAP®-operation on an unprecedented scale.
Windows operating diagram, custom keyboard and mouse functions, customly definable menus and buttons as well as the automatic execution of entire operating sequences are just some of the features that make your work with SAP easier and more efficient than ever before

SAP Operation with Windows standards

GUI+ combines the versatility, functionality and security of SAP with the familiar ease of use of Windows programs. The most important actions are no longer limited to use of the action buttons but can be called directly and intuitively with the mouse.

Especially users who are working extensively with SAP, will never want to go back to another operation method whithin a short amount of time: SAP applications can be operated with GUI+ using only the keyboard, without even having reach for the mouse. Our innovative GUI+ operating concept allows this to be completely intuitive and without having to learn many key combinations.

As plenty of positive feedback from our users**) shows, the health aspect can not be ignored, as this successfully prevents RSI ("mouse arm").

Individual Process Support

GUI+ allows you to adjust the SAP user interface with minimal effort to your individual requirements and processes.

  • "Predictive" Operation Support
    The most likely next step operation is already selected and only needs to be confirmed.
  • Automatic execution of entire operating sequences
    For example, automatic form filling, interactive guidance of the user through various process steps or fully automated workflows.
  • Automatic data exchange between different SAP and non-SAP applications
    This not only allows avoiding communication errors but also greatly enhances the processing speed.
  • Additional screen elements for any requirements
    The user interface of each SAP mask can be extended to support the user with additional screen elements such as buttons, drop-down lists, checkboxes, text boxes, or context (right-click) menus. Each additional screen element can be linked to any activity.
  • New input support from immediate feedback based on the input
    GUI+ is able to respond to certain entries in SAP and to give feedback to the user.
  • Transaction and infotype-dependent hints and information
    Each SAP mask can be easily extended by any advice and information for the user

Technical aspects

GUI+ offers all of these features without a single interference in your SAP system. Neither adjustments on the SAP application server nor extensive adjustments on the user side are necessary. GUI+ is ready to use after installation. Thus, neither the know-how expensive SAP consultant for software integration is required, nor do the few available capacities of the IT department will be charged.

Even the standard GUI+ provides a significantly simplified operation of your SAP user interface, paired with the convenience of Windows. In order to use the full range of functions, we adapt GUI+ to your individual requirements, ideas and processes on demand.

Today our customers use GUI+ successfully with the SAP GUI versions 6.20, 6.40, 7.10 and 7.20.

*) Courtesy of one of our (still potential) customers
**) Several hundred SAP power users are already being supported some 700,000 times per month by GUI+.

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