MClip+ - The multifunctional clipboard for SAP and Windows

The multifunctional clipboard MClip+ extends the strongly limited native Windows clipboard ("Clipboard"), which can be used system-wide to only copy and paste one item at a time.
MClip+ however stores any amount of contents (=clips) into the clipboard. The clips can then be easily pasted anywhere in succession.

Furthermore MClip+ includes features that are specifically designed for the cooperation between MS-Excel® and SAP®. These functions make it possible to make the transfer of data to SAP radically faster, safer, and easier.

This works MClip+ according to the "FIFO" principle ("first in - first out"). This means that by default the clips are pasted in the same order in which they were stored. Of course, a direct selection of clips is possible as well.

The clips do not have to be deleted manually after use, since MClip+ does this automatically.

Like all products from ERSAsoft is also designed MClip+ to combine user-friendliness and ease of use with maximum security. The installation is automatic and does neither require any specific IT nor SAP system knowledge .

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