ERSAsoft product range

The user-friendly software products developed by ERSAsoft® facilitate and simplify both the operation of SAP® and the SAP data management in an extent previously not considered possible.

To do so we combine our products the high functionality and safety standards of SAP with the familiar ease of use of Windows programs. SAP can thus be conveniently and intuitively operated like any "normal" Windows application without sacrificing functionality.

Developing our products, we not only put special emphasis on ease of use, but also on ensuring maximum security and easy integration into the existing data processing environment.

Thus our products are characterized for example by the fact that they do not further increase the already high system complexity*) of our customers. There are, for example, no modifications in existing SAP systems required. The technical requirements for installation and operation are so low that no specific IT knowledge is needed.

GUI+ extends SAP by numerous intuitive operation facilities and almost unlimited new control options and automation capabilities that can be tailored to your individual requirements and processes. This makes it possible to reach impressive improvements at all SAP workstations and enhance the user experience of SAP drastically.

SimDia+ helps you to easily and quickly import large amounts of data into SAP directly from Excel. All this without any programming knowledge or expensive preparations.

MClip+ is a multi-functionality clipboard with functions specially tailored for use with SAP.

*) According to Raymond Paquet, analyst and technology specialist from the market research company Gartner, the industry is currently taking "no effort to make things easier."

"Why is that bad? When a system is getting more and more complex, it inevitably increases the cost of the operation and maintenance of said system. At the same time the quality of service deteriorates. Paquet believes that reducing the system complexity is associated with enormous return on investment. In the coming years companies should therefore work to simplify their systems."
(SAP - The 10 IT-Trends until 2016)

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