SimDia® - Data import from Excel

Case study:
Annual employment of approximately 2,400 trainees

Initial situation

In a large German industrial company, a process was established for the acquisition of the basic data of all trainees for the existing SAP system in close collaboration between the department and the internal HR service some time ago.

The data is collected by the department with the help of a mandatory Excel form and forwarded.

This way the data of all trainees are being supplied in the period from april to september.

They are delivered in approximately 60-80 individual Excel files, each containing a few to over 100 records.

The data are collected with the SAP transaction PA40 (personnel measures), with a single measure consisting of a whole chain of individual masks (infotypes). Each infotype must be stored separately.

The manual acquisition of a set of data from the Excel form to SAP takes about 5 minutes.

Conversion process

The process for capturing the trainees basic data is converted from a manual transfer of all data from the Excel forms to a fully automatic data transfer by means of SimDia².

In less than an hour the whole process can be changed - from the definition and creation of a directory structure over the installation of the software to the finished generation of the import project.

To generate the import project, a recording of the assignment of each required data field in SAP will be created once. The assignment of the relevant SAP field to the corresponding Excel column is fully automated through the built-in SimDia² recording and mapping assistant.

Process comparison

Without SimDia²

With SimDia²

·         Manual recording
Expense: about 5 minutes per record


·        One-time effort to create the record: 3 min.

·        Preparation of the 60-80 data imports:
60-80 x 1 min. = 80 min.

·        Execution of the 60-80 data imports automatically in the background, thus no effort: 0 min

Cost comparison

Without SimDia²

With SimDia²

·        2,400 records

·        Manual Recording 5 Min per record

·        Total effort of
200 hours per year

·        Total cost*) for the company:
ca. 8.000 €

·        2.400 records

·        Preparatory effort: 3 Min.

·        Effort for data import: 80 x 1 Min. = 80 Min.

·        Total effort of less than 2 hours per year

·        Total cost*) for the company:
ca. 80 €

*) On the basis of a full-cost hourly rate of € 40.00.

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