SimDia® - Data import from Excel

SimDia² Features


The SAP-to-Excel(S2E)-Bridge, developed by ERSAsoft, automatically connects SAP with Microsoft Excel in the simplest way: upon starting SimDia² the target SAP window and the Excel file with the import data are selected with a simple mouse click.

This insures a secure data transfer between both systems - directly and in real time.

Flexible Excel-Structures

SimDia² adapts to your data structures - not vice versa.

  • No reordering Columns.
  • No deleting headings.
  • No marking head and detail data by inserting blank lines, removing fields etc.
  • No converting to a different file format.

Get started with the data import immediately without worrying about the structure of the Excel data. No matter how your Excel columns are arranged - an adjustment is not required.

Unique Features

SimDia² is not only incredibly easy and fast to use.

SimDia² also includes unique features.

Functions that extend the existing limits for automation of data imports drastically.

Features that were previously only realizable manually or through complex ABAP programming, such as ...

Dynamic table processing

Automatically edit any targeted record of a SAP table - a simple mouse click is enough.

Tabelle Transaktion PA30

Dynamic data modifcation

Modify SAP data with simple transformation rules - "on the fly" and fully automatic.

For the creation of transformation rules the complete range of MS-Excel functions is available. No additional know-how is required.

Dynamic allocations of checkboxes and radio buttons

Toggle checkboxen active or inactive

or select radio buttons

dynamically controlled through your Excel data - as easy as all actions with SimDia².

Dynamic actions

Import your data even then fully automatically, if SAP supplies different mask content or additional windows - thus dynamic measures - based on different data content.

Or you can create dynamic actions based on your data yourself.

Occasionally based on your import data SAP needs you to...

  • fill an additional data field?
  • execute an additional action?
  • open an additional window?
  • select an additional tab?

All this is no problem with the help of the clever dynamic functions of SimDia².

Incredible? >>See for yourself

„Overruling“ SAP

SimDia² is able to catch certain constellations in the import data, which are not recognized by SAP as an error, but could have fatal effects when processing the data. One example is the SAP processing message


With only the SAP standard tools, this message would be ignored and the existing data would be deleted. SimDia² prevents this through intelligent "overruling".

Automating SAP

Use SimDia² as a highly-efficient automation tool for SAP.

Just as simple as a with a data import, an arbitrary sequence of processing steps in SAP can be recorded with SimDia² and repeated automatically:

  • Automatic: Have regularly needed reports created
  • Automatic: Have training data reverted to its original state after training
  • Automatic: Have a change of a value in a control chart applied to all affected records - without a single line of ABAP code
  • Automatic: Have all field definitions of a new table stored in ABAP
  • etc...

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