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Newsletter 14 (04.2018): What's new in Version 3.0.1

With version 3.0.1, we are primarily enhancing SimDia² with features that have resulted from user feedback on version 3.0. This includes among other things:

New options in the settings menu :
Settings menu of SimDia²

Docking and undocking of SimDia² to SAP (1)

With this option, you can select whether the user interface of SimDia² should connect to the SAP window. By default, SimDia² is docked to SAP and behaves as if it were part of the SAP user interface.

Alternatively, you can undock SimDia² from SAP and display it as a separate window (for example on a separate screen or to solve scaling problems).

Show splash screen at startup of SimDia² (2)

With this option, you can select whether the SimDia² logo is being displayed at the startup of SimDia²:

Splash screen of SimDia²

Create a backup of the Excel sheet to be imported (3)

With this option, you can specify whether SimDia² should create a backup of the Excel sheet to be imported before starting the import:

Backup of the Excel sheet to be imported

Display Excel data before import starts (4)

With this option, you can choose whether SimDia² should first display the data sets to be imported once more in the Excel file as well as in its hint field for checking before starting the import. Alternatively, the import will start immediately.

Display of data sets in the SimDia² hint field

Further enhancements:

  • When using position numbers to select radio buttons, these are now addressed via their position in the respective radio button group (instead of via their position within the entire SAP screen as previously).

    This makes it easier to select radio buttons by their position numbers and thus in a language-neutral way.



    NOTE: Existing recordings, in which radio buttons are addressed via their position numbers and multiple groups of radio buttons are present on the SAP screen, may have to be adapted accordingly.
  • When closing an Excel file, it is now possible to save the file containing the import logs as a copy under a different name.
  • Additional information is being displayed in the tooltip for the loaded recording file (creator, creation date, last editor, last editing date):

  • Markers for table rows found by a SimDia² search can now also be set with a mouse click (previously only possible via shortcut command)
  • Data imported with SimDia² no longer overwrite the input history of the assigned SAP fields. The input history of the user is retained.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an error where in some cases the file selection window for saving a recording file was not displayed
  • Fixed a display error when resizing the editor
  • Fixed an error in the editor when inserting new steps at the beginning of the recording
  • Fixed an error where in some cases the SimDia² management files were damaged
  • Minor bug fixes and detail improvements

As usual, all changes are documented in detail in the SimDia² manual.

Newsletter 13 (08.2017): What's new in Version 3.0

Now the time has finally arrived: the release of SimDia² version 3.0 is here!

For the first time in 7 years, we are releasing a new main version of SimDia². With version 3.0, you will receive the frequently requested ability to view and edit your recordings as well as many other useful features and simplifications in operation.

In recent months, we have worked intensively on the realization of these new features. For this, more than 70 internal versions of SimDia² were programmed, tested and continuously developed further.

In addition, we held numerous discussions with our users and conducted a detailed closed and open beta test for the first time in our company history. We hope that we have achieved our goal, and version 3.0 of SimDia² will meet all your expectations both in regard of functionality as well as the simple and intuitive usability.

In addition to the new editor, you can expect many new and enhanced features. In the following table, we have summarized for you all major innovations of SimDia² Version 3.0:

Revised user interface

Optimized user guidance

For version 3.0 we have revised the user interface of SimDia² fundamentally. User guidance is now more closely aligned with user action and should be even more intuitive, especially for new SimDia² users.

More flexible processes

With Version 3.0, SimDia² is now much more flexible in its application:

The Excel file is no longer queried and permanently linked to SimDia² when SimDia² is started. Instead, you can call the desired Excel file via a new file selector and change it at any time without restarting SimDia².

Both recordings and imports can now be paused, cancelled and restarted at any time.

You can now run as many consecutive imports as you want, without having to shut down and restart SimDia² each time. Simply click the "Done" button after a completed import.

You can now reset or restart SimDia² at any time. With the latter function, you can also transfer SimDia² to another SAP mode without having to completely terminate and restart SimDia².

Options menu

SimDia² now has an option menu directly in the user interface. With it you can configure SimDia² to your preferences.

Recording Editor

The desired feature of version 3.0! From now on, you have the possibility to change recordings in (almost) any way you wish.

You can now:

A Disable recording steps
B Change the header and detail data status
C Change data sources (Excel column or fixed value)
D Modify linked Excel columns
E Change table options
F Insert new steps into the recording

Template Generator

In addition to the Recording Editor, SimDia² has a new Template Generator in version 3.0. With it, you can quickly and easily create new Excel templates for your data to be imported.

Other new features

  • Column letters of the Excel columns in use are displayed in the Recording Wizard and the Recording Editor, if desired
  • When exporting SAP fields to Excel, the Excel column is formatted according to the exported SAP field
  • For imports from Excel to SAP, leading and following spaces in Excel are ignored
  • All user-defined filters and colors in Excel files used by SimDia² are retained
  • SAP system name and client are now stored in the log comment of the imported Excel file
  • Buttons and checkboxes within SAP tables can now also be triggered dynamically by Excel values
  • If only a single SAP window is present, it is automatically set as the target window when SimDia² is started
  • Faster launch of SimDia²
  • Revised and in many cases significantly improved user hints

As usual, all changes are documented in detail in the SimDia² manual.

Newsletter 12 (12.2016): What's New in Version 2.8.2

It’s Christmas season, so we are treating SimDia² with an update to version 2.8.2 which comes with the following alterations (among others):
  • New: Arrangement of SAP table columns in arbitrary order
    Columns in SAP tables can now be rearranged arbitrarily without affecting the import. SimDia² will recognize the changed column order and automatically adapt to it during the import process with no user action required. Thus it is not a problem if the arrangement of an SAP table changes between recording and import.
  • New: Data export from SAP to Excel from ALV Grids
    In addition to the already available functions for exporting data from SAP to Excel, SimDia² now also supports the transfer of data from ALV Grid tables.
  • New: Improved handling of SAP transactions in which unusually large numbers of messages are output during the import
    SAP contains some transactions that produce a huge number of messages during the import. Examples of this are tables in which a message is displayed for each individual line during the booking. This can quickly result in several hundred messages which must each be confirmed individually. The behavior of SimDia² in such transactions has been adjusted accordingly:
    - The number of SAP messages that are automatically confirmed by SimDia² during the import is now set dynamically depending on the scope of the transaction.
    - In addition, the limit on the number of SAP messages that are automatically confirmed by SimDia² can be manually lifted.
  • New: Improved processing of table types that do not adhere to SAP standards
    SimDia² can now process even more table types that have not been programmed according to the given SAP standards. For example, tables can now be processed in which the SAP internal row index differs from the actual number of rows.
  • New: SAP table search in columns with drop-down lists
    The search function in SAP tables now supports columns that contain drop-down lists.
  • New: Mixed licenses
    Server licenses of SimDia² can now be combined with user or PC licenses in a single license file. This eliminates the need to create and manage separate folders for users of different license types. The prerequisite for this is that the folder containing the license file is located on the named server path.
  • Fix: Corrected a function that in some cases triggered an unintentional calling up of a transaction and an undesired size adjustment of the SAP window when launching SimDia².
  • Fix: Corrected an error that could occur under the following combination of circumstances:
    - Windows is locked
    - Import is being conducted in the background
    - Workaround for large files is activated
    - Function "Simulate SAP save" has been used during the recording
  • Fix: An active file preview in the Windows Explorer no longer prevents the opening of a second Excel instance.
  • Fix: Failed login attempts in SimDia² due to occupied server licenses are reliably logged in the admin tool.
  • Some speed enhancements as well as minor changes, corrections and adjustments

Newsletter 11 (08.2016): What's New in Version 2.8.1

Version 2.8.1 of SimDia² contains further detail improvements. The changes are as follows:
  • New: Optional recording of the F4 Dialog
    All steps in the F4 value research help can now be recorded. With this, SimDia² offers the option to research unknown field values by using distinct search terms in the Excel file during import. An exemplary use case for this would be identifying and editing a material number based on its EAN or – in case of publishing products – its ISBN.
  • New: The capabilities for dynamic editing of tables in SAP dynpros have been further enhanced with additional options for the individual editing methods:
    - Extended search and editing options for “Create new dataset” and “Search dataset”
    - Search dataset without automatically creating a new dataset if it does not exist yet
    - Remember import option selection for all columns of a table

    Furthermore, new and extended tooltips have been implemented into the recording dialog for tables.
  • New: Creation of a “Lic” subfolder for all licence and administration files.
    Write permission is now only required for this subfolder. Upon first calling up of version 2.8.1, all affected files will be moved into the new folder automatically.
  • Fix: When using Excel data for performing dynamic functions (e.g. for triggering buttons or checkboxes), values such as “0.00” and “0,00” are now correctly interpreted as “do not trigger”.
  • Fix: Due to a Windows Update by Microsoft, in some cases the Excel session used for an import would not be closed when exiting SimDia².
  • Fix: The display duration of tooltips is now dynamically adjusted to the text length of the respective tooltip.
  • Some minor changes, corrections and adjustments

Newsletter 10 (04.2016): What's New in Version 2.8

A lot has changed in version 2.8 of SimDia². But this time, the change has been mainly under the hood: With this version, we have completely reprogrammed our SAP2Excel-Bridge, the core of SimDia².

For one, this brings some performance advantages, but mainly it is the basis for completely new future functions of SimDia², like the much sought-after recording editor.

Apart from that, the most prominent feature of the new SAP2Excel-Bridge is an increased size of the recording files (as they will be containing much more information internally). But do not worry – there is no need for you to recreate all of your existing recordings. SimDia² is and always will be fully compatible with recording files that have been created with earlier versions. And not only that: the earlier versions of SimDia² are also compatible with the new recording file format.

In addition, version 2.8 contains the following changes:
  • When starting an import, the SimDia² window will now stay in the foreground in all Windows versions
  • To avoid runtime and controlling issues, only one instance of SimDia² can be started at a time per PC
  • Daily concurrent user licences are now released again in case that no recording has been created or no import has been conducted in SimDia² with the respective licence
  • Some minor changes, corrections and adjustments
Even though the tangible changes in this version may be subtle, we still recommend making the switch. The reason is that only recordings that are created in the new format will be able to benefit from future developments. As described above, the previous recording files can still be used, but their functionality will be limited to the functions of version 2.7.3.

Newsletter 9 (09.2015): What's New in Version 2.7.3

Version 2.7.3 of SimDia² includes more detail improvements. Specifically, these are the following changes:
  • New: "Create SimDia² shortcuts" menu item in SimDia² tray menu to access a selection mask for:
    - Creating a SimDia² icon on the desktop
    - Creating an entry for SimDia² in the start menu
    - Linking the "*.simdia" recording files with SimDia²
  • Fix: With SAP GUI version 7.40 the SAP error has considerably more impact, which increases the response times of SAP with larger data sets continuously. The SimDia² workaround is therefore now enabled significantly earlier
  • Fix: search in tables within the MM-transactions possible
  • Fix: When starting an import the SimDia² window stays visible even when the Excel-window would overlay it
  • Fix: Under Citrix wrong character size was displayed in individual cases for the SimDia² UI
  • Fix: When starting SAP GUI via saplgpad.exe (instead of saplogon.exe) in some cases the SAP window was not correctly identified
  • Fix: The SAP message "Select a valid function" during recording is suppressed
  • Some minor changes, corrections and adjustments

Newsletter 8 (08.2015): What's New in Version 2.7.2

SimDia² version 2.7.2 contains several detail improvemenents as well as workarounds. Functional changes are not included in this version. The detailed changes are as follows:
  • Workaround: in specific cases (faulty design of a SAP dynpro) SAP GUI did not provide individual fields during background processing. This caused errors during the import.
  • Workaround: An error in SAP GUI caused crashes (CTD - crash to desktop) during imports with no error message if, at the time of a SAP menu call, a pop-up window (e.g. a SAP message) was displayed.
  • Adapting SimDia² user interface when the user changed the text size in Windows
    (Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display)
  • Controlled SimDia² program termination, if the current SAP session is closed during an ongoing import.
  • Adaptations to Office 2013
  • Several minor changes, corrections and adjustments

Newsletter 7 (05.2015): What's New in Version 2.7

With version 2.7, SimDia² for the first time ever offers the possibility to perform dynamic actions within SAP.

To find out what exactly this means and what else our newest version has in store for you, just have a look at our short overview:

Dynamic actions
Dynamic actions within SAP can be required on various occasions, e.g.
  • to perform certain actions in SAP only if required, depending on the respective data constellation within the Excel sheet.
    When booking payments, in some cases a divergent cost center is being recorded via a separate window.
  • Depending on the already present SAP data, different actions will be performed.
    If SAP field X contains value Y, then action A will be performed. Otherwise, action B will be performed.
  • SAP automatically triggers an action during data input depending on data constellation.
    If the amount of a material falls below the required minimum due to a change of data, SAP will propose a supply request.

With SimDia², all these dynamic actions can now be controlled in an event-triggered way. And as always with SimDia², all without the need for intricate programming knowledge.

Let us show you just how easily this can be done with these two short videos:

Video "Kopf- und Detaildaten importieren"

Dataset selection within SAP tables

SimDia² has already been offering the possibility for targeted selection and change of already existing datasets within SAP tables.

With our new version, this unique feature is further expanded by offering even more possibilities.

For example, it is now possible to specifically select the required views in the view selection of the transaction MM02-Change material, irrespective of their position within the selection mask.

Have a look at our video to see how it works:

Video "Kopf- und Detaildaten importieren"

Support of GridViews
GridViews are a special and seldomly occuring kind of SAP tables which are contained e.g. in the transaction SU01-User Maintanance.

Workaround for a SAP GUI error that can occur during the import of large data amounts
In various SAP transactions (z.B. MM01, MM02, FD32...), the PC might slow down during the import process after several thousand datasets due to faulty programming of the SAP GUI. This can lead to a complete freezing of the PC.

To prevent this, a workaround has been implemented in SimDia².

New functions for increased user convenience
As usual, we have implemented several minor and major enhancements into this version to make working with SimDia² even more convenient.

Some examples:
  • New layout, adapted to the "Corbu" SAP GUI design.
  • No more limitation to 99 Excel columns. The Recording Assistant can now display as many buttons as required.
  • When using the F4 help during a recording, the selected value will be recorded.
  • The Enter key can now be used during the recording.
  • Automatic provision of a separate Excel instance as well as a second SAP session in which you can continue your work while performing a data import.

Newsletter 6 (09.2014): What's New in Version 2.6

Version 2.6 of SimDia² released today again contains numerous enhancements and innovations. Let us show you the most important ones:

SimDia² goes international

From this version forward, SimDia² is fully multilingual. Both the interface and the documentation are now available in German and in English.

Other languages ​​can be implemented in a short time.

By default, the language selection is based on the SAP system language. But a manual selection is also possible.

Authorization assignment and administration of SimDia²

SimDia² does not distinguish between different license models and program versions with limited or full features. Basically with any program version and in each licensing model you will have the full range of functions.

Nevertheless, for internal operational reasons, it may be necessary to assign different permissions for the use of SimDia². For this purpose, we provide our customers with a separate administrative tool.

Using this tool, different permissions can very easily and flexibly be managed without having to acquire new licenses or having to upgrade existing licenses.

Record selection in SAP tables

So far SimDia² allowed targeted selection and modification of existing records in SAP tables.

This function has been extended yet gain. The key search is now no longer limited to the first column of the table. Instead, the query can now be in any column.

Automatic search of the record for modification(eg after the material number M-15)

New functions for greater user comfort

In this version we have again made ​​a number of small and large improvements in order to further facilitate the work with SimDia² .

Here are some examples:
  • Meaningful help texts (tooltips) can now be displayed for each button and each field of the user interface.
  • With the help of a new pause button in the Recording Assistant, recording can now be interrupted and resumed at any time.
  • During recording, use the F4 help for SAP is now permitted. Thus, the possible input values ​​can be searched directly.
  • We were able to increase the processing speed once again. This applies particularly to large-scale data imports.

Newsletter 5 (03.2014) What's New in Version 2.5

With version 2.5, we publish the most extensive update of SimDia², our software for easy and convenient import of data from Excel into SAP.  
The most important new features for you at a glance:

Fully automatic import of head and detail data

Now you can import any number of records with header and detail data into SAP. And that fully automatically and without prior adaptation or processing of the import data.

Simply leave importing your data into different SAP transactions to SimDia², for example,
  • Registration of vendor invoices in transaction FB60
  • Creating material master records in transaction MM01
  • Changing material master records in transaction MM02
  • Income changes in transaction PA30
  • Change of customer orders in transaction VA01

Sounds good? Watch our short video showing how it works:

Video "Kopf- und Detaildaten importieren"

Record search in selection tables

SimDia² already allowed aimed modification of data records that are included in table elements within a transaction.

Video "Kopf- und Detaildaten importieren"
Automatic search for a record to be changed

We now have expanded this feature in version 2.5: Now it is also possible to select specific records for processing in selection tables.

Video "Kopf- und Detaildaten importieren"
utomatic search for a record to be selected

New functions for greater user comfort

In addition, in version 2.5 we have once again made numerous small and large improvements. After all, it is our goal to make SimDia² as user-friendly as possible for you.

Here are some examples:
  • Ability to selectively omit SAP fields when importing data
  • Simple and intuitive function to build templates for import files
  • Automatic opening of the target transaction when you open a protocol file
  • New color scheme in the protocol
As you can see, with version 2.5, we extend SimDia² once more with features that are not found in any other software designed for data import into SAP.


For this version, we offer free and some 30-minute live webinars where we will give an overview of all the new features and changes. There will of course be ample time for questions and requests.

Newsletter 4 (06.2013) What's New in Version 2.4

Version 2.4 of SimDia² offers once again some unique features that were previously not possible without complex ABAP programming amongst others.

In particular, there are - in addition to various improvements - the following enhancements:

Dynamic activation of checkboxes and radio buttons

For the first time, without programming, you can now import values in​​to SAP that are not selectable via choice lists, but via

and radio buttons   

- Just as simple as "normal" data.

Our short video will show you how easy it is

Edit SAP data dynamically

Also as first and only software, SimDia² is able to edit data dynamically directly within SAP.

For this all Excel features are available to update, extrapolate, transform or change data within SAP in a single operation at will. Apart from the corresponding Excel know-how no more knowledge is required.

But see for yourself:

Visualization of input data

In the recording assistant data that have already been processed are highlighted as such.

User guidance for data transfer from SAP to Excel

The user guidance for data transfer from SAP to Excel has been improved and explained more clearly.

Optimized import-start

Significantly accelerated the start of the import. This is especially beneficial for large import files with multiple records.


Newsletter 3 (01.2013) What's New in Version 2.3

Version 2.3 offers once again some significant innovations to make working with SimDia² even more productive and easier.

In particular - apart from some minor improvements - there are following enhancements:

Export data from SAP to Excel

In addition to the data import, there is now the possibility to export data from SAP to Excel.

Thanks to our "smart" recording assistant the data export is just as easy and intuitive to manage as the data import. Our short video will show you just how easy

Processing multiline cell contents in Excel

Multiline text in Excel cells with manual line breaks are imported depending on the SAP target field: If the target SAP field supports multi-line texts, data is being transferred 1:1. Otherwise, the manual line breaks are ignored.

Saving of the SAP user ID in the processing protocol

The processing protocol has been extended with the indication of the SAP user ID

Ignoring of certain SAP error messages

SAP occasionally incorrectly carries out tests already when calling a transaction which may result in error messages (eg "Fill in all required fields"). These error messages are ignored by SimDia² until the data is actually being sent.

Newsletter 2 (10.2012) What's New in Version 2.2

With version 2.2 ERSAsoft again offers some new features to make working with ERSAsoft even easier, more efficient and safer.

No administrator rights required on Windows 7

Previously it was necessary, both to start SAP GUI and SimDia² with administrator rights under Windows 7. This is no longer necessary now.

No accidental overwriting of records

At SAP records with time constraint 1 or 2, it is possible, due to faulty import data that, for example, already detected (future) records to be overwritten by a new record if the new record has a validity period, which extends over the overall period covered by the existing record.

This unintentional overwriting of an existing record is now effectively prevented by SimDia² . Overwriting a record in this constellation occurs only after approval by the user.

Optimized progress indicators

In the progress indicators of SimDia² an extrapolation over the estimated remaining time was added. Additionally in Windows 7, a progress bar is also displayed in the icon of the relevant SAP window in the taskbar, so that a visual progress control is possible even while running in the background.

Multiple program start

SimDia² can now be started multiple times. Thus, it is no longer necessary to wait for the end of an import, before a new import can be started.

Newsletter 1 (08.2012) What's New in Version 2.1

Now with support for dynamic SAP tables

Besides some minor improvements version 2.1 for the first time includes the possiblity to edit existing data in SAP tables (--> table controls within a Dynpro).

SAP tables are usually dynamic tables. This means that the same keys in different processes are each in different table rows. A manipulation of existing data sets by conventional means was not possible in the past.

ERSAsoft has now managed to develop a solution to this problem. From now on, SimDia² supports the processing of dynamic tables. And this at unchanged simple operation.

But a film is worth a thousand pictures: In our five minute tutorial video we show the approach and the possibilities offered by this new functionality for importing data into SAP.

All changes are documented in the SimDia²-Manuals in detail.
Telephone: +49 8141 509 123-0