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Reduce your effort to import
any data into SAP by well over 90%.

SimDia² (= Simulated SAP-Dialogue) allows a simple and fast import of large amounts of data directly from MS Excel®. And this without any programming and elaborate preparations.

For the data import, SimDia² integrates itself into the already running SAP® Application and creates an S2E-connection (SAP-to-Excel-Bridge) to MS-Excel.

The entire process of data import runs completely transparent in the active window of SAP. Of course, the import is done taking into account all of SAP's authorization objects.

Here we present some videos that demonstrate the use of SimDia² in a few minutes and show you how simple, fast and intuitive a fully automated data import into SAP can be realized.

Introduction: Importing SAP data in only 30 seconds Deutsch

Watch this 2-minute introductory video of a data import to SAP using SimDia² being done in no time. (Please note the stopwatch in the video).

Duration: 2:00
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Tutorial 01: Simple processing English

These short videos show all the steps - from preparation to completion - to perform a simple data import (one transaction per Excel Record) in no time.

Launch preparations

Duration: 2:27
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Recording the import

Duration: 3:40
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Running the import

Duration: 3:24
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Tutorial 02: Complex processing English

In these videos you can see how easily and quickly complex import tasks (several different transactions per Excel row) are carried out with the aid of SimDia².

Recording the import

Duration: 3:52
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Running the import

Duration: 4:38
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Tutorial 03: Import of dynamic tables English

An import of data in SAP tables can be a big problem if not only new records are to be added in a table, but specific table values have to be processed in existing records.

SimDia² is the first and only software able to dynamically import data into SAP tables without programming.

This video demonstrates how easy and fast even such a dynamic table import using SimDia² can be.

Duration: 5:32
(Doubleclick for full screen mode)

Tutorial 04: Data export from SAP to Excel English

Just as fast and simple as data import from Excel to SAP, an export from SAP to Excel can be accomplished using SimDia². Using a small example we can show you the general procedure.

Duration: 6:18
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Tutorial 05: Dynamic allocation of checkboxes and radio buttons English

Even checkboxes and radio buttons can be allocated using data from Excel with the help of SimDia².

For the first time this enables the import of values into SAP that are not only selectable from pick lists, but also from checkboxes and radio buttons without programming.

Duration: 5:32
(Doubleclick for full screen mode)

Tutorial 06: Dynamic processing of SAP data English

Another unique feature of SimDia² is the option to dynamically edit data within SAP.

Here all Excel features are available to update data in a single step in order to extrapolate, transform or change them at will. Apart from Excel corresponding know-how in this area no more knowledge is required.

Duration: 3:32
(Doubleclick for full screen mode)

Tutorial 07: Import of header and detail data into SAP English

Data sets with header and detail data can be imported into SAP easily as well with SimDia².

A previous adaptation or processing of the import data is not necessary in this case. SimDia² automatically detects document changes.

Using the example of the SAP transaction FB60 - recording incoming invoices you can take a look at the simple approach.

The procedure in all Enjoy transactions FBxx is identical, for example in
FB50 - Ledger posting
FB65 - Enter incoming credits
FB70 - Enter outgoing invoices
FB75 - Enter outgoing credit memos

Duration: 6:53
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Tutorial 08: Dynamic actions - Activating Buttons and Tabs English

Dynamic actions in SAP can have different causes, for example:

  • certain actions are executed only from case to case, depending on the constellation of the Excel data
    For payments, a different cost center has to be selected in a separate window in individual cases.
  • Depending on the existing SAP data, different actions are performed
    If SAP field X has the content Y, then action A is executed, otherwise action B is executed.
  • SAP itself processes an action during data entry, depending on the data constellation
    If through a data change a material drops below the minimum level, SAP proposes a replenishment order.

All these dynamic actions can now be controlled with SimDia² depending on events - of course also without complex programming.

Two examples - one simple and one more complex - will show you how quickly this is achieved by means of the ability to dynamically activate buttons and tabs.

Dynamic actions - part 1: Simple application

Duration: 5:14
(Doubleclick for full screen mode)

Dynamic actions - part 2: Complex application

Duration: 6:20
(Doubleclick for full screen mode)

Tutorial 09: Creating and changing SAP long texts English

This video shows you how long texts can not only be created with the help of SimDia², but also existing long texts be changed easily.

For this all Excel functions are available to upgrade existing long texts in a single operation. Apart from the corresponding Excel know-how there is no more knowledge required.

Duration: 6:22
(Doubleclick for full screen mode)

Transaction CS01 - Creating material BOM English

Also in the material economy SimDia² can easily be used for data transfer. Using the example of a bill that has been generated from a design software, we show an import in the SAP transaction CS01.

Duration: 4:35
(Doubleclick for full screen mode)

Transaction FB60 - Recording of incoming invoices English

Also FI transactions such as the Enjoy transactions FB50, FB60, FB65, FB70 or FB75 can be quickly and comfortably supplied with data.

Using the example of the transaction FB60 we will demonstrate the easy import into these FI transactions

Note: This video is identical to that of tutorial 07

Duration: 6:53
(Doubleclick for full screen mode)

Transaction MM02 - Complex change of material master records English

Even complex changes of SAP data can be performed in a few minutes with SimDia².

Using the example of an extensive change in master data in the SAP transaction MM02 this video demonstrates the simple procedure.

Here we show you among other things:

  • Selection of views, regardless of their position in the selection window
  • Activation of check boxes depending on Excel data
  • Creation of long texts
  • Expansion of table entries, regardless of the number of already existing data records

Duration: 6:14
(Doubleclick for full screen mode)

Transaction VK11 - Creation of condition records English

A constantly recurring theme is the massive creation of condition records. Again, this can be realized in SimDia² very easily and at a cost of just a few minutes.

Duration: 4:22
(Doubleclick for full screen mode)
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