SimDia® - Data import from Excel

SimDia² - the alternative to LSMW, BatchInput, WinShuttle Transaction / Runner & Co.

We will help you transport your Excel data into SAP
- in less than one minute -

Batch-Input, eCATT and LSMW - all water under the bridge

SimDia² is today's way for incredibly fast and easy-to-use automatic data import from MS Excel® to SAP® (and back) - the real alternative for LSMW, Batch Input & Co.

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Is it revolutionary... develop a data import software for any kind of SAP transaction, which is

  • designed for SAP end users?
  • thus simple, intuitive and fast to use?
  • yet full of unique functions?
  • still extremely affordable to purchase?

Well - maybe not revolutionary... but certainly unusual.

So let your data import into SAP take off NOW!

It won't get any simpler...

...because SimDia² can be used by any SAP user - as easily as a calculator.

SimDia² integrates itself into the selected SAP system at startup and automatically establishes a connection between SAP and MS Excel.

The integrated recording and mapping assistant guides the user precisely and intuitively - directly within SAP. The mapping between the SAP fields and the Excel data is a breeze. Even complex data import can be performed without any programming knowledge.

Incredibly simple?

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Unique features

No matter if it's about...

  • specific processing of individual records in SAP tables
  • changes to any existing field contents "on the fly" based on simple transformation rules
  • data-driven allocation of checkboxes and radio buttons
  • simple processing of header and detail data
  • workflow automation in SAP
  • or - brand new - the processing of dynamic actions

...SimDia² by default provides functions that were previously only realizable manually or through complex ABAP programming.

Incredibly functional?

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The boost for your data import - just 2 steps to your goal...

...with the intuitive recording and mapping assistant. This allows the complete preparation of a data import from Excel to SAP in just two easy steps:

1. Lightning-fast assignment of Excel columns to SAP fields:

Select target field in SAP - press button - done

2. Start the import

incredibly fast?

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Automated Import? Surely!

By its concept of the simplest possible operation, SimDia² helps avoiding many sources of errors by itself.

In addition, strong active security is a prominent feature of SimDia²:

System security

The data import takes place

  • completely transparent within the familiar SAP environment
  • with the strict application of the SAP role and authorization concept and
  • in full compliance with SAP transaction and access security

Data security

Intelligent "Overruling" allows SimDia² to selectively intercept SAP messages in cases where processing of the import data could have undesired consequences.

One example is the SAP processing information

In this case, SAP would only issue a warning. Through the SAP standard tools, this message would therefore be ignored and the existing record would be deleted without prompting. SimDia² prevents this through the use of intelligent „Overruling“.

Audit security

In addition to the relevant data, such as active transaction and dynpro as well as a time stamp, all SAP messages for each incoming record are logged as well - directly within the Excel file.

Application secuirty

Using the supplied SimDia² administration tool, permissions can be set very granular down to the user level on SimDia².

You decide which users can utilize SimDia² and what permissions they receive - as often as necessary and without additional adjustment or modification of their existing SimDia²- (server) licenses.

Incredibly safe?

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Unpack and get started

SimDia² is a pure Windows application. Setting up SimDia² is just as fast as a data import:

Select target directory - unpack SimDia²-archive - done.

Not even two minutes after downloading, you can start your first automatic data import with SimDia².

5 reasons, why SimDia² is so easy to set up

  1. SimDia² is executable "out of the box"
  2. SimDia² requires no user installation
  3. SimDia² does not interfere with the SAP software
  4. SimDia² requires no adjustment to existing or future SAP systems
  5. SimDia² requires no specific IT and SAP system knowledge, neither for setup nor use

Incredibly simple?

We are happy to provide you a fully functional demo version without obligation.

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Great Value

SimDia² is not only extremely powerful. It also provides an outstanding price-performance ratio. Thus a fast return on your investment is assured.

Depending on the degree of utilization, the investment in SimDia² pays off within a few weeks to a few months.

With our fair and flexible licenses, you are sure to find the right model for you and your needs.

Let us make you an offer without obligation and see for yourself...

Incredibly affordable?

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