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Here you can read all our previously published newsletters about the technical novelties of each SimDia² version.

Newsletter 6 (09.2014)

What's New in Version 2.6

Version 2.6 of SimDia² released today again contains numerous enhancements and innovations. Let us show you the most important ones:

SimDia² goes international

From this version forward, SimDia² is fully multilingual. Both the interface and the documentation are now available in German and in English.

Other languages ​​can be implemented in a short time.

By default, the language selection is based on the SAP system language. But a manual selection is also possible.

Authorization assignment and administration of SimDia²

SimDia² does not distinguish between different license models and program versions with limited or full features. With any program version and in each licensing model, you will have the full range of functions.

Nevertheless, for internal operational reasons, it may be necessary to assign different permissions for the use of SimDia². For this purpose, we provide our customers with a separate administrative tool.

Using this tool, different permissions can very easily and flexibly be managed without having to acquire new licenses or having to upgrade existing licenses.

Data set selection in SAP tables

So far, SimDia² allowed targeted selection and modification of existing data sets in SAP tables.

This function has been extended yet gain. The key search is now no longer limited to the first column of the table. Instead, the query can now be in any column.

Automatic search for the data set to be modified (e.g. for the material number M-15)

New functions for greater user comfort

In this version, we have again made ​​a number of small and large improvements in order to further facilitate the work with SimDia².

Here are some examples:

  • Meaningful help texts (tooltips) can now be displayed for each button and each field of the user interface.
  • With the help of a new pause button in the Recording Wizard, recording can now be interrupted and resumed at any time.
  • During recording, use the F4 help for SAP is now permitted. Thus, the possible input values can be searched directly.
  • We were able to increase the processing speed once again. This applies particularly to large-scale data imports.